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CHSPE Exam Review, CHSPE Tips, and CHSPE FAQs

CHSPE Exam Review, CHSPE Tips, and CHSPE FAQs

CHSPE Exam Review
The California High School Proficiency Examination (CHSPE) is a testing program established by California law ( Education Code Section 48412 ). Students can earn the legal equivalent of a high school diploma by passing the CHSPE.

If you pass the CHSPE, the California State Board of Education will award you a Certificate of Proficiency, which by state law is equivalent to a high school diploma.

All persons and institutions subject to California law that require a high school diploma for any purpose must accept the certificate as satisfying the requirement.

There are differences between the California High School Proficiency Exam (CHSPE), the CAHSEE (California High School Exit Exam), and the GED (General Educational Development Test). Click here for a comparison chart of the three tests and their different requirements.

Many students consider the CHSPE to be easier than the CAHSEE or the GED.

CHSPE Exam FAQs and CHSPE Tips
  1. What is the difference between the CHSPE Exam, the CAHSEE, and the GED?

  2. How many questions are in the CHSPE exam?

  3. How long is the CHSPE exam?

  4. Is the CHSPE exam timed?

  5. Can I leave the CHSPE exam early or do I have to stay for the whole time?

  6. Do I have to take all parts of the CHSPE exam on the same day?

  7. What are the test dates for the CHSPE exam for 2012?

  8. Where do I find out how to register for the CHSPE exam, the test locations, and other questions?

  9. What questions are in the CHSPE exam?

  10. How hard is the CHSPE exam?

  11. What happens if I do not pass the CHSPE exam?

  12. How do I prepare for the CHSPE exam so that I will pass?

  13. What kind of essay do I have to write in the CHSPE exam?

  14. How can I practice for the CHSPE essay exam?

  1. What is the difference between the CHSPE, the CAHSEE, and the GED?

    California High School Proficiency Exam
    California High School Exit Exam
    General Educational Development Test
    The CHSPE is a voluntary test. Persons who pass the CHSPE are awarded a Certificate of Proficiency by the California State Board of Education. California law requires that the Certificate of Proficiency be equivalent to a high school diploma. A student who receives a Certificate of Proficiency may, with verified parental approval, leave high school early. The CAHSEE is a high school graduation requirement for all public school students since 2005/2006. The CAHSEE graduation requirement is mandated by California law and does not allow for students to leave high school early if they pass.

    The GED test is for adults who do not have a high school diploma. Those who pass the test receive a California High School Equivalency Certificate.

    A person may take the CHSPE if:

    • He or she is at least 16 years old,
    • He or she has been enrolled in the tenth grade.
    All high school students that attend a public school have to take the CAHSEE in the tenth grade. In California, persons who are 18 years of age or older may take the GED test. Some 17-year-olds who meet specific criteria for testing may also take the test.
    Source: California Board of Education

  2. How many questions are in the CHSPE exam?

    There are a total of 182 questions in the CHSPE exam. There is also one essay.

  3. How long is the CHSPE exam?

    The CHSPE exam is 3 1/2 hours long. The CHSPE is offered three times a year. There is an administration once in each semester and once in the summer.

  4. Is the CHSPE exam timed?

    No, the sections of the exam are not timed. You have a total of 3 and 1/2 hours and you can spend as much time as you want to on the different sections of the exam until the 3 and 1/2 hours are over..

  5. Can I leave the CHSPE exam early or do I have to stay for the whole time?

    You do not have to stay for the whole 3 and 1/2 hours. Whenever you are done with the test, you can leave.

  6. Do I have to take all parts of the CHSPE exam on the same day?

    No, you do not have to take all parts of the CHSPE on the same day. You can take just one of the three major CHSPE exam sections or any combination of the three. You can decide on the day of the test but the test fee is the same no matter which parts of the test you take.

  7. What are the test dates for the CHSPE exam for 2012?

    The test dates for the 2012 CHSPE exam are March 17, 2012 and June 16, 2012.

  8. Where do I find out how to register for the CHSPE exam, the test locations, and other questions?

    You can visit our main CHSPE web page for important CHSPE test registration and other questions by clicking here .

  9. What questions are in the CHSPE exam?

    CHSPE Exam
    Reading Comprehension
    Vocabulary Questions

    CHSPE Exam
    CHSPE Exam
    Critical Analysis
    Multiple Meaning Words
    Context Clues
    Sentence Structure
    Content/ Organization

    The Mathematics section has 50 multiple-choice questions that assess content in the following areas: number sense and operations; patterns, relationships, and algebra; data, statistics, and probability; and geometry and measurement. The questions also assess the mathematical processes of communication and representation, estimation,
    mathematical connections, and reasoning and problem solving.

    Questions: 84 Questions: 48 Questions: 50
    Source: California Board of Education

  10. Mathematics Section:

    A. Number Sense and Operations

    • Identify numbers expressed in scientific notation
    • Identify factorial representation
    • Identify the effects of an operation
    • Compare and order real numbers
    • Solve problems using estimation strategies
    • Identify and use order of operations rules
    • Simplify expressions containing exponents or radicals
    • Solve problems involving absolute value
    • Solve problems using non routine strategies

    B. Patterns, Relationships, and Algebra

    • Identify slopes of lines given points, equations, or graphs
    • Solve problems involving ratio or proportion
    • Analyze characteristics of linear relationships
    • Identify equations of linear functions given tables of values, points, or graphs
    • Evaluate expressions
    • Solve problems involving patterns
    • Identify equations of quadratic functions given tables of values or graphs
    • Identify graphs of inequalities
    • Solve problems involving logical reasoning
    • Solve linear, quadratic, or radical equations
    • Solve systems of linear equations
    • Translate problem situations into algebraic expressions and equations

    C. Data,Statistics, and Probability

    • Analyze data and draw inferences from tables and graphs
    • Make a prediction based on experimental or statistical data
    • Determine combinations and permutations
    • Determine and use measures of central tendency and dispersion
    • Find the probability of a simple or compound event
    • Solve problems involving probabilities

    D. Geometry and Measurement

    • Identify and classify solid and plane figures
    • Determine measurements indirectly from scale drawings
    • Solve problems involving perimeter, circumference, area, or volume
    • Solve problems using the Pythagorean theorem
    • Identify geometric transformations
    • Solve problems using properties of geometric figures
    • Solve problems using spatial reasoning
    • Solve problems involving similar figures Processes

  11. How hard is the CHSPE exam?

    Most students say that the CHSPE is easier than the GED, the CAHSEE, or even the SAT. How difficult the CHSPE exam will be for you depends on your knowledge and education. If you are a good reader, have a general understanding of the major grammar rules in English, and know your Math on an approximate 10th grade level, you should have a good chance of passing the CHSPE exam. Click here to see two example questions given by the Board of Education.

    Here are some comments from people that have taken the CHSPE:

    "I took the CHSPE a few years ago and passed everything except the essay. I don't like writing. I used The Essay Writer software to learn more about writing the 5 paragraph essay that they want. I passed the essay the second time with a perfect score of 4. Our topic was writing an essay about the benefits of joining a fitness gym."

    "I took the CHSPE in the spring of 2010 and passed it with a perfect score. I thought it was much easier than the SAT or CAHSEE test that we had to take in high school. I'm strong in math so that was no problem for me. The fact that they gave us the math formulas made it even easier. I was more worried about the English portion. I read a lot of books and that helped for the reading questions. I only spent a few hours working through the Grammar Skills, Grammar Practices & Test Strategies for the CHSPE book and passed."

    "I took the CHSPE last fall and passed the English section but not Math. English was very easy and the essay question was about what the driving age should be and why. In Math I struggled with the way the problems were worded - they used a lot of words for the math questions. I used the and to prepare and that was mostly a waste of time and money. I already looked at the free practice test that you can get through the official CHSPE site and the questions look a lot more like what was in the test. A lot of geometry, some Algebra 1 and 2. I also want to try The Official Test Preparation Guide by the Sacramento County Office of Education but I haven't ordered it yet."

    If you would like to share your CHSPE exam experience, let others know : How hard was the exam, how did you do, what preparation materials did you use, what did you do differently the second time (if you did not pass at first), what essay topic did you have, or any additional information that can help someone else. You can e-mail us at [email protected]

  12. What happens if I do not pass the CHSPE exam?

    If you do not pass the CHSPE exam, it is no problem. You can retake the exam as often as you want to and until you pass it. If you pass one section of the CHSPE exam, you only have to retake the section that you did not pass. The only disadvantage of not passing the CHSPE exam is that you have to pay the full fee every time you take it.

    Some students take the CHSPE exam just to find out what it is like and what specifically is in the CHSPE exam. It is also a great way to deal with test anxiety and to find out if you can focus for the 3 and 1/2 hours. Some students have also reported to us that they would go to the CHSPE exam, find out what the questions were like, and left after only 30 minutes.

  13. How do I prepare for the CHSPE exam so that I will pass?

    We recommend the following steps to prepare for the CHSPE exam:

    1. Go to the official CHSPE website and sign up with your e-mail address to receive a sample CHSPE exam and more test specifications. You will receive a password via e-mail within a few minutes. The e-mail will also contain the link again where you can sign in. Once you are signed in, you will receive 2 pdf downloads. Once explaining test specifics and the other containing an example CHSPE exam. You can save both pdf files to your computer. Signing up only gives you the two files and does not mean you are signing up for the test.

    The test specification pdf file tells you specifically what kind of English and Math questions the test can contain. The sample test question file gives you practice questions.

    2. Go through the test to find out what you know and what you do not know.

    3. If you find out that you need to study up on grammar, we recommend the CHSPE Grammar and Test Strategies eBook that is only $6.95 and that you can download within minutes. The eBook contains all important grammar skills that you need for the CHSPE exam. It also has test-taking strategies and practice sections for each grammar skill.

    4. If you find out that you need to practice your reading comprehension and vocabulary skills or your math skills, please go to our Creative Mind Links page where you can find links to free CHSPE exam practice tests. We are updating our links page frequently as soon as we find more free practice tests.

    5. If you would like more practice, visit Amazon.com and search for CHSPE books. You can also read people's review about those books and see how they are rated before you buy. We do not sell our products on Amazon because we try to keep our prices as low as possible.

    6. Most students report to us that the essay writing portion of the CHSPE exam is the most challenging section of the test. You can see an example essay on our CHSPE essay writing web page.

    7. To practice for the essay writing part of the CHSPE exam, you can use our The Essay Writer instant download software program which teaches you all important essay writing skills with word-by-word and sentence-by-sentence guidance. The instant download software program teaches all skills required by the CHSPE to write a passing essay.

    8. All of the above steps have successfully helped many students to pass the CHSPE exam. If you are nervous or unsure if you have enough skills to pass the exam, do what some students have done, take the test to find out. We have never heard of any student that regretted spending the extra money or time.

  14. What kind of essay do I have to write in the CHSPE exam?

    The CHSPE exam includes one persuasive writing task. For the writing task you will be asked to write an essay to persuade a specified audience of your opinion about an issue. You will need to be specific and explain your reasons for your opinion.

  15. How can I practice for the CHSPE essay exam?

    First, read the instructions provided to you in the CHSPE pdf file mentioned in the above answer #12. After you know the requirements and study the example essay, you can use The Essay Writer instant download software program to practice writing a persuasive essay. The software program provides you with many ideas for writing topics. Give your essay to someone who can check your grammar. Your essay does not have to be perfect, but it should have the structure that The Essay Writer software program teaches you.

Preparation Materials:

CHSPE Grammar Book
Instant Download eBook

The Essay Writer
Instant Download Software
$ 29.95

Learning Disability
Instant Download eBook

This eBook covers all essential grammar skills necessary for the CHSPE. Read more.... This essay writing software program is an excellent tool to prepare for the essay portion of the CHSPE. Read more... This eBook discusses the troubled school experiences of many famous people, why they left school early, and what helped them to become successful in life. Read more...

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