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CHSPE Grammar Book

CHSPE Grammar Skills and Test Strategies

CHSPE Grammar eBook Content

This 46-page eBook is not only an efficient and time-saving way to study for the CHSPE but also a concise and efficient grammar guide for all writers. The eBook covers the most important grammar skills any writer should have.


Apostrophe Skills
Apostrophe Practice Test
Period & Semicolon Skills
Period & Semicolon Practice Test
Comma Skills
Comma Practice Test # 1
Comma Review
Comma Practice Test # 2
Comma Practice Test # 3
Sentence Fragments & Run-on Sentences
Sentence Fragments & Run-on Sentences Practice Test
Hyphenation Skills
Hyphenation Practice Test
Colon & Quotation Marks Skills
Colon & Quotation Marks Practice Test
Capitalization Practice Test
Test Strategies Review
Final Practice Test
Final Practice Test: Answers
Final Practice Test: Answer Key
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The CHSPE consists of 3 major sections: English (reading comprehension and grammar questions), Math, and an Essay. The Reading subtest has 30 vocabulary questions and 54 reading comprehension questions. The Grammar Subtest includes 48 multiple-choice questions covering the following topics:

Capitalization: Distinguish correct capitalization
Usage: Identify correctly applied grammar
Punctuation: Distinguish correct punctuation
Sentence Structure: Distinguish between clearly written sentences and sentences that contain errors in expression or construction
Prewriting: Plan, organize, and improve writing samples
Content and Organization: Determine appropriate editing of short paragraphs.

Our easy to follow CHSPE instant download eBook teaches and practices all of the grammar skills necessary to pass the CHSPE.


Review of all important grammar skills necessary to pass the CHSPE.

Each page of the eBook explains an essential grammar skill needed to pass the CHSPE.

Each page provides additional examples to practice the important CHSPE grammar skill.

The eBook has several CHSPE practice skills tests with with answers on the bottom of each page for immediate feedback.

Important test strategies for the grammar portion of the CHSPE

Useful test strategies for the essay part of the CHSPE

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"By using the CHSPE Grammar and Test Strategies eBook, our students were excellently prepared to pass the grammar section of the CHSPE."

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CHSPE Grammar Book
Instant Download eBook

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This eBook covers all essential grammar skills necessary for the CHSPE. This essay writing software program is an excellent tool to prepare for the essay portion of the CHSPE.

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