Creative Paragraph Writing for Kids

Creative Paragraph Writing for Kids

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Art designs guide the young writer through each writing step (a left brain hemisphere activity)
and access the writer's creativity (a right brain hemisphere activity).

Neuroscientific and Educational Benefit

By combining art work with language, the paragraph booklet stimulates a child's both left and right brain hemispheres.


Each step provides clear instructions on what to Read and what to Do!

Neuroscientific and Educational Benefit

By combining "Read" and "Do" activities, the paragraph booklet accesses several brain areas simultaneously.


Each paragraph writing step focuses on writing (not reading about writing)

No more writing procrastination or fear of a blank paper!

Neuroscientific and Educational Benefit

By learning how to write clear topic sentences, a child develops and strengthens the major fiber tracks that connect the left and right brain hemispheres across the corpus callosum.

Science Notes:
The corpus callosum grows constantly throughout childhood and adolescence. Behavioral studies suggest the existence of a critical time period for callosal functional development starting around the age of 6 years.

A statistical analysis revealed that children whose callosal isthmus increased in thickness over the course of 2 years showed a decrease in interhemispheric information transfer. Children exhibiting a decrease in isthmus thickness revealed an increase in information transfer. These results might indicate a refinement process of the callosal connections to optimize the neuronal communication between the developing cerebral hemispheres. Read more....


Overcome Writer's Block with instant writing ideas.


Writers of any age can learn how to write sentences that will capture the reader's interest.

Writers of any age can amaze readers, teachers, and parents with interesting and powerful sentences.

Neuroscientific and Educational Benefit

Specific questions excite a child's response, inspire a child's creative mind, and stimulate the activation of new brain neurons.

Science Notes:

A neuron (picture to the right) is an electrically excitable cell that processes and transmits information via neuronal pathways. Read more...



After working through the booklet at least once, the young writer can use the booklet independently as a valuable writing tool
that can be used over and over again to practice and continue creative paragraph writing skills.


An example paragraph shows the young writer how each step is being written by a professional writer.



Writer's Check List for Content & Editor's Check List for Clarity, Consistency, & Closure

Both Writer's Check List and Editor's Check List pages can be reprinted as often as desired.

Neuroscientific and Educational Benefit

By providing a child with a clear paragraph structure, a professional sample paragraph, and a writer's check list, the paragraph booklet motivates a child's brain to create new neuronal pathways (picture to the right).

Once those neuronal pathways are formed, the child can independently continue to explore the amazing gift of creative writing.

Science Notes:

Most recent research has found that the brain has the ability to form new neuronal pathways and connections through action and experience. The brain's ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections throughout life is called neuroplasticity. Read more....


A valuable learning tool!

A step-by-step paragraph writing booklet.
Suitable for Elementary and Middle School students.
Excellent resource for home schooling, classroom instructions, parents assisting students, tutors, and learning centers.


Creative Writing for Kids

Learn How to Write a Paragraph in Three Easy Steps is a step-by-step writing booklet that teaches younger children how to be a creative writer. The hardcover booklet is made of sturdy paper with reprintable Editor's and Writer's check lists. The pdf format of the booklet can be reprinted as often as desired.
Paragraph Book $14.95
Limited edition item
made of sturdy paper.
Instant Download Paragraph eBook $9.95

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