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" Amazingly Helpful Software. A Must Have for any writer! "
C.P. Massachusetts

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W.W., Ontario, Canada

"Excellent product! Perfect transaction!"
BTB Academy, North Carolina

"I purchased your program for download yesterday. I have many writing programs, but this one is very good. It's very easy to follow and I am getting instant results. I will also be able to use this program with my kids for home schooling. "

"Item as described, fast shipping, highly recommend. "
L. A. Washington, USA

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Andrew Lewis, USA

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"The program is great!"

"Item as described. Thanks for a great product."
J.H. Utah

"Superb product!"
W.W. Ontario, Canada

"The program is superb! It directs me to what I need to think of. I am not a good writer. I usually have problems of how to connect words efficiently. That is why I was looking for a program that can rearrange my words and correct my grammar. Your program is brilliant for the fact that it guides me to think around my topic."
N.M. Texas

"Great program! Thanks so much!"
J.U. Virginia

"Outstanding seller. Outstanding product & fast shipment."
A. S. , Kentucky

"I needed to improve my essay writing skills because I was studying for the CHSPE, the California High School Proficiency Exam. Without being able to write an efficient essay, I knew I would not be able to pass the exam. Thanks to The Essay Writer software program, I passed with a perfect score. I learned so many writing techniques and all aspects to pass my essay exam. Thanks!"
E.Y. San Diego, California

"You’ve accelerated my desire of wanting to write not just for academics but as a writer. One day I will go back to my country Ghana as a best writer. Thank you very much ."

Below is a longer contribution by another writing software user:

What's the point in having to write so many essays in college? English, Health, Chemistry, History, and even my Math class this semester are requiring from me to turn in essay assignments. Didn't Math use to be about numbers?

I am not much of a writer. I study to be an engineer. Numbers, not words, are my domain. Without getting my general education requirements done, though, I will have neither. And like it or not, most of the general ed courses come with a lot of essay assignments.

To combat my essay foe, I turned to the internet. Just put in essay writing, essay tips, essay creator, essay generator, essay practice, essay help, essay software, essay tutorial, essay tutor or some other similar essay phrase into any search engine and it appears that the essay world is at your fingertips. Not so!

I tried essay writing services, essay writing software, an essay creator, essay tips, and anything else that would help me get my essay done. Most of the essay writing software that I found went beyond what my wallet could dish out.

It was easy to find a professional essay writer or essay seller that already had an essay for sale on the topics that I needed. But they were also pricey and on top of that, the quality and standard of the essays that I was able to check out were actually below my high school years.

I don't know about your college, but ours has cracked down on anything bought, plagiarized, copied, or even remotely resembling what might have been written before. Before our essays get to the professors, we submit them online and our writing is immediately rejected if it matches so and so much percent to anything on the internet. For bought essays, you face expulsion.

Well, it happens when you least expect it. I was watching an awesome Japanese tsunami video on YouTube, (the one taken from the car that in the end gets swept away) and I stumbled across the Essay Writer video.

Long story short....I bought the instant download software program, ....wrote my essay,....and got it done! Since the program saved my college essay writing life, I thought I might as well pass the YouTube video on to others that are looking for a great essay writing software. Just in case you're stuck with the same college essay writing fiasco that I used to be.

Thanks for the program!
Robert H., Oregon

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